New office building of the Guardia di Finanza, Bologna, Italy

義大利博洛尼亞 義大利財政衛隊新辦公大樓


A marginal condition, an opportunity for connection.

The new regional headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza offices in Bologna, Italy is a project situated within a complex context—an area on the margins enclosed by urban partitions and characterized by a series of heterogeneous spaces. To the north, the railway line and Bologna’s high- speed train station create a continuous curtain of partitions and logistic infrastructures. To the south, there’s the dynamic and evolving area of the DumBO Social Center. To the east, it is bordered by Via Tanari and the layered edges of the stratified city of Bologna.



位於義大利博洛尼亞的新財政衛隊地區總部是一個坐落在複雜環境中的項目──一個被城市分區所包圍的邊緣地帶,以一系列錯雜空間為特徵。基地北面是鐵路線和博洛尼亞高速火車站,形成了一個由隔間牆和物流基礎設施所組成的連續帷幕。南面是充滿活力、不斷發展的 DumBO 社會中心。東面則是塔納里大街(Via Tanari)和博洛尼亞分層城市的分層邊緣。

DEMOGO’s project interprets this marginal urban condition as an opportunity for connection and regeneration within the district. The new structure, perpendicular to Via Tanari and seamlessly integrated with the original core of the Bertarini Barracks, functions as a compact element with an articulated elevation.

A series of terraces, in harmony with the office areas, are designed as outdoor extensions to the program. These elevated gardens, gradually descending along the five above-ground floors of the building, are conceived as spaces that not only enhance the environmental quality of the work areas but also establish a visual connection with the urban landscape of the city of Bologna.


設計團隊 DEMOGO 的計畫是將此城市邊緣狀況視為一個與區內連結和再生的嶄新機會。新量體結構與塔納里大街垂直,並與貝爾塔里尼軍營的原始核心無縫結合,是一個立面銜接的緊湊元素。


Despite being part of a military complex and, therefore, a confined and protected area, the New office building of the Guardia di Finanza strategically establishes a series of connections with the urban system. DEMOGO has emphasized the intention to transform theboundary’ into a kind of ‘third space,’ capable of offering engaging dynamics of perception and utilization. For instance, the southern facade is articulated with the incorporation of an elevated footbridge designed to connect the new offices to the existing spaces of the Bertarini Barracks.


由於本案隸屬於軍事建築群的一部分,因此也是一個封閉和受保護的區域,但財政衛隊的新辦公大樓仍戰略性地與城市系統建立了一系列聯繫。 DEMOGO團隊強調了將 「邊界 」轉化為一種 「第三空間 」的意圖,使其能夠提供引人入勝的感知和利用動態。例如,在南立面設計了一座高架人行天橋,旨於將新辦公室與貝爾塔里尼軍營的現有空間相互連接。

Towards the west, the new architecture rises in front of the partition separating the barracks area from the temporary urban regeneration space DumBO, housed in the former railway freight yard. This creates an additional opportunity for visual interaction between the military complex and the social life of the city.


在西面,新建築聳立於隔間牆前,將兵營區與位於前鐵路貨場的臨時城市改造空間 DumBO 分開。這為此軍事建築群與城市社會生活之間的視覺互動創造了額外的機會。







座落位置: 義大利博洛尼亞





Principal ArchitectsDEMOGO

Structural EngineeringSinergo Spa

ContractorAeC Costruzioni

Character of SpaceOffice

Building Area2700

Principal MaterialsMatte red painted steelConcreteGlassResin

LocationBologna, Italy

PhotosIwan Baan


CollatorAna Wnag