Atelier du Pont’s New Studio, Paris, France

法國巴黎 杜邦工作室新總部

Atelier du Pont has built its own office building in the heart of the 11th district of Paris. Aware of the opportunity to use this space as a showcase for their know-how and their way of designing, they imagined this new workplace as a small laboratory, ideal for reflection, experimentation and production. And above all, as a place where you feel good.



From architecture to interior design, through layout and furniture, Atelier du Pont has designed all of this new agency. This commitment to build everything is the very essence of the building and their approach. The agency has always had the will to integrate the concept of «global design» in its projects and this realization is the perfect example.



Building all in wood was an obvious choice. The raw and exposed wood reinforces the warm and embodied spirit of the space, it has a smell and the combination of its natural texture with warm and colored paint creates a familiar atmosphere and structures the spaces. At the end of a dead end, wood also allowed for easier supply of the construction site and less nuisance for the very close neighbours. Low-tech processes were adopted to avoid air conditioning, including blinds, natural ventilation, air brewers...



Designed in a «U» shape around a planted patio, the offices are organized into «work hubs», designed to facilitate daily exchanges and to allow the teams to move easily as the projects arise. Shared spaces are located on each floor to encourage group work, exchanges and informal work. Thus, planted terraces, meeting bubbles, a model workshop, a material library, a cafeteria, etc, punctuate the work areas and encourage people to meet up. One level of the building is also dedicated to a coworking space. The cafeteria is regularly transformed into an exhibition space.



Designed in a housing size, the post and beam structure enables the building’s mutability. In short, this project has been conceived as a living structure that offers the possibility for this new work space to live and evolve with the times. A small synthesis of the architectural and human convictions of Atelier du Pont.



Principal Architects:Anne-Cécile Comar.Philippe Croisier

Structural Engineering:Barthes Bois

Character of Space:Office Space

Total Floor Area:980 ㎡

Principal Materials:Wood

Principal Structure:Wood

Location:Paris, France

Photos:Fred Delangle

Text:Atelier du Pont

Collator:Angel Chi


主要建築師: 安娜.賽西爾.科馬爾 飛利普.克魯瓦西耶

結構工程: 巴特.布瓦

空間性質: 辦公空間


主要材料: 木材

主要結構: 木材

座落位置: 法國巴黎

影像: 弗雷德.德朗格

文字: 杜邦工作室

整理: 紀奕安