Karlovy Vary Apartment, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

捷克共和國 卡羅維瓦利公寓

The apartment, located near Karlovy Vary’s picturesque colonnades and Hotel Thermal which houses the world-known International Film Festival, underwent a complete reconstruction. Overlooking a hillside full of mature greenery, the historic 1900s apartment building features several well-preserved elements dating back to the time when apartments were generous and charming.


本案坐落於捷克卡羅維瓦利如詩如畫的知名古蹟柱廊旁,以及舉辦世界著名國際電影節的飯店附近,經歷了全面的翻新重建。俯瞰著充滿綠植的山坡,這座歷史悠久且保存完好的 1900 年代公寓大樓彷彿回到過去的美好時代。

The main objective was to remove the accumulation of disparate structures, tiles, ceilings, and layout changes, to clean the passages, and to give the apartment back its original dimensions and atmosphere. Thanks to the utmost trust and mutual respect with the investor, we could afford to largely break through the openings, remove the doors and add transom windows instead. We removed the walk-through rooms and designed a more contemporary layout with two separate bedrooms and a connected living core.


In the living room, we focused on lightening the layout and opening the space. A kitchen unit was inserted into a newly created niche between the kitchen and the living room, connected by an interior window, formerly a common feature in such generous apartments. In the bedrooms, the original wooden floor was preserved, and a new finish was applied.  The bathroom is dominated by a spacious irregular-shaped shower, washbasin, and toilet. A minimal selection of materials and a unifying design run through the entire space and support the calm atmosphere of the apartment.


The leitmotif of the interior is the exposed original paintwork on the ceiling and walls which in each room creates images that are strong and bold, yet of subtle colour palette. In the last phase of the design, the apartment was furnished with minimalist pieces from the design studio Janský & Dunděra and the brand Todus.


室內的主旋律是天花板和牆壁上裸露的原始油漆,加上每個房間所被創造出的強烈與大膽,如同微妙的調色盤般,矛盾去融合,嫻靜卻有趣。在設計的最後階段,團隊為公寓選擇了來自 Janský & Dunděra 設計工作室和 Todus 品牌的極簡主義家具作品。

Principal Architects:Petra Ciencialová.Kateřina Průchová

Building Area:68㎡

Principal Material:Polyurethane flooring

Location:Karlovy Vary.Czech Republic

Photos:Radek Úlehla

Text:Plus One Architects

Collector:Ana Wang