Orla Apartment, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

巴西里約熱內盧 奧爾拉海岸公寓

Studio Arthur Casas

The design of this apartment facing Ipanema beach, in Rio de Janeiro, was designed for a couple with two young children, who wanted a space to accompany their daughters' growth and also environments with privacy for home office work. The highlight of the project is the panoramic view of the sights of Rio de Janeiro and the sea at Ipanema beach. From dinner, it is possible to see Morro Dois Irmãos, and from the home theater, a part of Arpoador.



The kitchen is integrated into the living and dining room, and was designed using the same materiality to function as an extension of the social area. The intimate space was divided into three suites: the toy room, the children's room and the master suite for the couple. The office was accommodated inside the master bedroom, where it is possible to hide its access through a coplanar door that, when closed, simulates a panel. The biggest challenge, however, was making all the complementary projects compatible so no slab area had to be reused, hiding the air conditioning and speakers into the drywall walls and allocating the lighting on overlapping tracks.



The interior design features furniture designed by Arthur Casas, such as the sofá Fusca, the Apache dining table, the Max dining chairs etc, besides the Ondas and Willys sideboards. Added to the pieces by Casas are the Paulistana armchair and the Anette armchair, by Jorge Zalszupin; Vintage side tables and Taccia table lamps by Castiglione for Flos.


室內部分則擺放由阿瑟.卡薩斯親自設計的家具物件,如Fusca沙發、Apache餐桌、Max餐椅……等。除此之外,還有巴西建築師Jorge Zalszupin設計的Paulistana扶手椅和Anette扶手椅,以及Castiglione為Flos設計的複古邊桌和Taccia檯燈。

Principal Architects:Arthur Casas

Contractor:Laer Engenharia

Character of Space:Residence

Building Area:405 ㎡

Principal Materials:Wood.Sintered stone sheets.Drywall

Location:Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Photos:Fran Parente

Text:Studio Arthur Casas

Interview:Grace Hung



施工單位:Laer Engenharia








Studio Arthur Casas
從內到外,從物體到景觀,Studio Arthur Casas 的創作在水平尺度上有著內在的連結。對話是構思從椅子到城市規劃等項目的關鍵,受到現代和當代、巴西和國際大都會精神的影響。工作室涉足多個領域,包括住宅和商業建築、公共競賽、室內和產品設計。項目以對基本元素的追求為指導,從原材料到精緻的細節,展示了我們對各個層面卓越的關注。