Bonfiglioli HQ, Bologna, Italy

義大利博洛尼亞 邦飛利公司總部

Peter Pichler Architecture

Peter Pichler Architecture unveils the recently completed Bonfiglioli Headquarters located in Calderara di Reno, Bologna, Italy. The starting point of the design was to incorporate the courtyard typology of the existing masterplan buildings into the massing. This courtyard houses a green garden on the ground floor and enhances natural ventilation through a chimney effect. In response to local sunlight conditions, the building'’s roof has been tilted, enlarging the north facade to maximize workspace with indirect natural light. The south-facing facades and roof of the headquarters are clad in a second skin made from a custom continuous pleated aluminum mesh, which filters intense light and ensures a comfortable indoor environment while saving energy.



Designed with future flexibility in mind, the building features column-free open spaces through an Exoskeleton façade. The layout is thoughtfully orchestrated, with departments distributed across various levels, for optimal public interaction and synergy with surrounding buildings. On the 3rd floor, a bridge through the internal courtyard connects the department to facilitate workflow and communication. The building places a special emphasis on health and well-being, incorporating green spaces and maximizing indirect natural light to enhance the work environment. Its unique sloped roof design culminates in six terraces, all oriented towards the south. These terraces provide serene outdoor spaces for reflection and pause, offering views of the iconic Santuario Madonna di San Luca. This connection to the outdoors, together with the views, enriches the daily experience of those who work there.



Principal ArchitectsPeter Pichler

Structural EngineeringARUP

Building Area6200

Principal MaterialsAluminumSteel

Principal StructureSteel structure

LocationBologna, Italy

PhotosGustav Willeit

TextPeter Pichler Architecture

InterviewChloe Su









文字: 彼得.皮克勒建築師事務所


Peter Pichler Architecture
Peter Pichler Architecture 2015 年 10 月在義大利米蘭成立,Silvana Ordinas 和 Peter Pichler 在西班牙馬略卡島的海灘上構思出來的。團隊是年輕、充滿活力和實驗性的團隊,致力於開發創新和現代的建築方法。