Uncloud Coffee, Chonburi, Thailand

泰國春武裡府 雲咖啡

Unknown Surface Studio

Uncloud Coffee sits strategically on Khao Lam Road in Chonburi Province, occupying a sharply triangular site adjacent to the main thoroughfare leading from Bang Saen, with majestic mountain views forming a stunning backdrop. The architectural plan masterfully exploits the site's triangular shape, extending the building along the roadside in three core zones: a welcoming main entrance that combines a bar and seating area, an outdoor lounge encapsulated within a verdant courtyard, and a tranquil internal area for seating and client workspaces.




Inspired by the spectral allure of the Aurora Borealis, the design abstractly interprets these atmospheric light displays. The building’s form echoes the dynamic, sweeping patterns of the northern lights, with its structure gracefully arching along the roadway, melding effortlessly with its environment. The design introduces uninterrupted, sinuous lines that connect all spaces internally and externally, fostering a cohesive architectural journey.



Facing the challenges of its proximity to a busy roadway, the design includes features to address noise and thermal comfort. The facade facing the street is engineered with towering, curved barriers that selectively open at strategic angles, maximizing mountain views while minimizing noise and heat from the street. This setup not only reduces auditory disturbances but also helps in maintaining a cooler interior climate.



Principal ArchitectsCievanard NattabowonphalPiyanat SongkhorhNonglak Boonsaeng

Design TeamWoravit Hansombat

Building Area400

LocationChonburi, Thailand

PhotosRungkit Charoenwat

TextUnknown Surface Studio

CollatorChloe Su


主要建築師:切瓦納德.納塔博旺法爾 皮亞納.宋科 農樂.本生







Unknown Surface Studio