House in Messiness, Portugal

葡萄牙 梅西尼什住宅

Vitor Vilhena Architects

Algarve, in the South of Portugal does not only live by the sea. Proof of this is the village of São Bartolomeu de Messines, municipality of Silves - located in the interior of the Algarve, far from the mass tourism that occupies the whole coast, and privileged by the mountains that surround the whole region. It is in this remote village that the project is located. Surrounded by valleys, mountains and two reservoirs, the dam of Funcho and the dam of Arade.


居住在葡萄牙南方(South of Portugal)的阿加夫(Algarve)地形並非僅攏靠一覽的海岸線。位於阿加夫內陸的聖巴托洛梅烏迪梅西尼什村(São Bartolomeu de Messines)便是最佳的佐證,遠離佔據整個海岸線的觀光地區,座落在山林環繞的丘地。此建築案座落於偏遠的梅西尼什村落裡,周遭環繞著山谷、山丘、兩座水庫和豐秀(Funcho)與阿拉吉(Arade)兩個大壩。

The "House of Messines", is based on an existing building, already in ruins, but with a fantastic orientation East-West, and with a rhythm of openings for light source already very inviting. The fact that there was a built structure was the only reason Vitor Vilhena Architects were able to emerge such a work in this picturesque place. Due to the diverse bureaucratic restrictions of implantation, it was mandatory to "overlay" the project to the existing ruin, extending its body in the longitudinal axis towards South. Privileging the views and natural light, the rhythm of windows were recreated in the East facade, opening completely and leaving a hovering corner when the volume folds to north.


這棟「梅西尼什住宅」(House of Messines)是根據舊有住宅改建而成。荒涼的舊宅已成了廢墟,但坐向在絕佳的東西向,恰好在滿面和煦的採光之中,譜出朝氣十足的氛圍。因原本的建築架構,使維克多.維列納建築事務所(Vitor Vilhena Architects)得以在這風景如畫的地區,重新建構出這一棟非凡的住宅。由於在地繁複的建築法規限制,使房屋的架構需完全「覆蓋」(Overlay)在原有的廢棄建築物上,再將縱向軸的建築體朝南延伸。為了不辜負如此美景與自然光源的優勢,維克多.維列納建築事務所重新設計了東側窗口位置,使這一側立面完全開放,並將北端轉角處懸吊的建築體保持封閉。

The interior of the house is a large space that prioritizes fluidity and communication in the social area‭ (‬living room‭, ‬dining room and kitchen‭), ‬but closes and limits its access in the private area where the bedrooms are located as well as the service entrance‭. ‬As a form of respect for the surroundings and not to obstruct more than necessary‭, ‬Vitor Vilhena Architects chose to locate the pool on the rooftop‭, ‬in a volume which doesn't touch the ground‭, ‬and is completely suspended in the air‭. ‬This decision guarantees a total access to the rooftop as a second social area of the house‭, ‬privileging the magnificent 360º‭ ‬views‭, ‬even being inside the pool‭.‬



Architects:Vítor Vilhena.Fábio Plácido Guimarães.Nuno Gonçalves.João Simões
Character of Space:House
Building Area:300 m²
Location:São Bartolomeu de Messines, Portugal
Photos:Fernando Guerra
Interview:Rowena Liu 
Text:Vitor Vilhena Architects
Collator:Alanna Chou

建築師:維克多.維列納 法比歐.普拉西多.吉馬良斯 努諾.貢薩爾維斯 若昂.西蒙斯

Vitor Vilhena Architects
1971年出生於拉各斯,在拉各斯市接受小學、預科和中學教育,1997年畢業於里斯本盧西亞達大學,在那裡他開始了對建築藝術的熱情。1996 年至1999 年間,他與建築師Jorge Gonçalves 和Paulo Simões (Aupera)、Henrique Albino、Margarida Simões Gomes 和Vitor Lourenço 合作,在該國不同地區開發了各種類型的作品。1999 年,他開始了自己的設計活動並在拉各斯創建了 Atelier Vitor Vilhena Arquitectura,在那裡他開發、協調、開展與建築活動相關的所有領域的工作。