Mixed-use building Rue Castagnary, Paris, France

法國巴黎 卡斯塔格納里街多用途住宅


The residential development located on Rue Castagnary brings together a hybrid program within one building, in all its length and narrowness. Composed of 245 apartments and collective facilities. The slender plot implies a reflection on the daily rituals that will take place within its contours. Through its formal expression and its materiality, the architecture seeks to forge a strong and intimate relationship with its urban environment, while still preserving the privacy of residents.


The entrance halls and the vertical circulation paths are located towards the street. Where the thickness of the building allows for it, these passages create links to the back garden, thus benefiting from natural light and participating in the urban animation by offering diverse views to the inhabitants. The external emergency stairs free up collective terraces where the different users can meet. Apart from the technical areas, all flat roofs are vegetated (the top-level roof as well the roof of the commercial ground floor); they contribute to the visual pleasure of the higher buildings of the surroundings and the retention of rainwater on the parcel, promoting the inertia of the building in winter. The choice of materials is durable and low-maintenance. The façade, the guardrails of the apartments and the collective staircases are in metal, unifying the building’s complex. The system of louvers reflects and retracts the natural light towards the interior of the housing. The building, with its concrete structure with a high thermal inertia, and the façade, with its veil of the central circulation, are designed to achieve flexibility. The façade, anchored in the concrete edifice, forms a lintel braced by the cages and sprockets. Intermediate cross walls with an optimized seven-meter- long span free up the floor plan for a future mutability: the building will thus be able to evolve and accommodate new uses, thus contributing to the mutability of the concept. Echoing this slender plot and the narrowness of Rue Castagnary, the linear building forms a subtle shift between the adjoining vegetated slope, the project’s mineral forecourt, and the garden to the rear along the railroad tracks. This architectural gesture evokes the fuselage of a train, it delicately marks the angle of the site and affirms the uniqueness of the building and the narrowness of the plot, thereby enhancing its relationship to the site.


此住宅開發項目位於法國巴黎卡斯塔格納里街,在狹長的一座建築內匯集了各式功能,由兩百四十五套公寓和公共設施組成。 細長的基地意味著對日常儀式的反思。通過其形式表達和物質性,該建築尋求與城市環境建立牢固而親密的連繫,同時仍保護住戶的隱私。


入口大廳和交通路徑皆朝向卡斯塔格納里街,在建築物的寬度允許的情況下, 這些通道創造了與後花園的連繫,不僅引自然光入室,也通過為居民提供不同的景觀來融入城市中。建築外部的緊急樓梯則直通露台,住戶們可在此聯絡感情。除裝有設備的區域外,所有平坦屋頂都種植了植物(像是頂層以及商用一樓的屋頂); 它們有助於為周圍較高建築物打造視覺美感和收集雨水,並進一步促進了建築物在冬季的保溫效果。此項目選用的建材耐用且後續維護成本低。立面、護欄和公用樓梯都是金屬材質,統一了建築體。百葉窗系統則將自然光反射並引入到建築內部。該建築採用具有高熱慣性的混凝土結構,外立面裝設覆蓋公用走廊的遮罩,旨在實現靈活性。立面固定在混凝土框架中,形成好似由籠子和鏈條支撐的梁。有七公尺長的中間橫牆為未來的格局變化預留彈性,建築物將因此能夠持續發展並適應新的用途,亦助於其概念的變化。與這片狹長的基地和卡斯塔格納里街相呼應,此線性建築在毗鄰的植被斜坡、前院和沿著鐵軌設置的後花園之間形成了微妙的過渡。這種建築造型不禁讓人聯想至火車的車身,它巧妙地標記了場地的角度,並藉由確立建築的獨特性和基地的狹窄,從而增強了它與場地的連結。


Principal Architects:Olivier Camus·Lydéric Veauvy
Lead Architects:Noëlie Courier·Evaïne Agré
Structural Engineering:BECT Paris
Character of Space:mixed-use residential building
Client:Paris Habitat OPH
Location:Paris, France
Photos:Julien Lanoo
Interview:Yang-Xuan, Jiang

主要建築師:奧利維爾.加繆 萊德里克.沃維
領導建築師:諾莉.克莉兒 伊萬.阿格雷
結構工程:BECT Paris
業主:Paris Habitat OPH

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