DM house, Valencia, Spain

西班牙瓦倫西亞 DM 住宅

HORMA estudio

The house fits the development of the program to its most favorable orientation, intentionally opening the house to the south and east, protecting itself from the sun of the west and offering an hermetic relationship on its north side where privacy from future neighbors could be compromised. The ground floor family program is complemented by a guest floor at level +3.5 and a leisure and recreation area at level -3.5, the latter with a more private and sheltered relationship than the rest.


The house, articulated in plan, finds in its section the complete meaning of its spaces, molding the scale and the light inputs of each one of them. This section qualifies and defines the interior rooms and links the different floors by skylights, visual connections and natural light filters from the roof to level -3.5. The continuity and use of materials both indoors and outdoors establishes limits that are more than diffuse, almost non-existent.

此案的地理位子非常有利,屋子門口朝向東南,阻隔了西方的陽光,北方則保有與未來鄰居之間的隱私感。一樓家庭計畫由位於 3.5 層樓的客房及地下 3.5 層樓的休憩娛樂區來相配補足,此休憩娛樂區比起其他區域擁有更佳的隱密性及掩蔽的作用。



Materially, the house is proposed on the outside with a dialogue between a continuous white lime cladding and a ceramic canvas sized with a 10x10 tiles that modulates its envelope and emphasizes its geometry. Inside, both tones are combined in the continuous terrazzo that defines the public area of the ground floor and also in the dialogue of maple and cherry woods that resolve the furniture included in the architecture itself. The white tone, understood as neutral, allows the reddish tones of the ceramic and the different greens of the vegetation to balance and enhance each other.

Matter, geometry and space work in harmony and, at the same time, their relationships vary, giving rise to very diverse spaces, designed according to the needs of the inhabitant. Freedom and privacy are understood to achieve the initially established objectives.

實質上,此案的外觀以白色石灰石覆層及 10x10 的陶瓷畫布呈現,強調出幾何之美感。至於內部,一樓公區的水磨石以及家具及建築本身所使用的的楓木和樱桃木組成的兩種色調相融合。白色調,作為非彩色,讓陶瓷的紅色調和植物的不同種綠色得以平衡與強化彼此。



Principal Architects: Nacho Juan, Clara Cantó, Jose Iborra, Ana Riera, Belén Iglesias, Andrés Herrero, María Mateo
Area:400 m²
Location:Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia, Spain
Photos:Mariela Apollonio

Collator:Yit-Ming Liang

主要建築師:納喬胡安 · 克拉拉坎托 · 何塞伊博拉 · 安娜里埃拉 · 貝倫伊格萊西亞斯 · 安德烈斯埃雷羅 · 瑪麗亞馬特奧
面積:400 平方公尺


HORMA estudio
HORMA 是一家建築工作室,於 2012 年在巴倫西亞成立,其實踐以定制建築的開發為基礎;為每個使用者、每個地點、每個景觀和每個環境量身定制。物質、幾何形狀和光線是我們賦予空間特色的工具,將其變成獨特的氛圍。我們對在工作室和現場手工思考和工作感興趣,並將實驗作為開發的一部分。我們知道手工工作是獨一無二的,並且能夠賦予工作不可重複的優點。所使用的流程和資源是從專案的起源開始考慮的,目的是盡量減少它們可能對環境產生的影響,提出一種意識到並尊重過去、現在和未來的架構。我們的發展軌跡主要集中在住宅和多住宅領域,這讓我們明白每個項目都必須是獨一無二的。因此,我們將建築和室內設計視為同一工作領域,不加區別地解決大大小小的挑戰。HORMA 自成立以來,就將其專業實踐與教學相結合,其目的是傳授所學知識,但最重要的是每天繼續研究和學習。