Jolly Beauty Salon, Kyiv, Ukraine

烏克蘭基輔 Jolly 美容院

Rina Lovko Studio

The object, which previously served as a hairdressing salon. Renovation of the space and the entrance group took 6 months. The plan includes the following areas: the waiting area, the reception area, the makeup sale corner, 4 styling and makeup chairs, the manicure table, 2 chairs for simultaneous service, the hair wash sink with two chairs, the color bar storage, the beauty parlour, the kitchen and changing room for the staff, the restroom.  All the furniture, except for chairs, is made-to-order exclusively for this project.


One of the main accents in the interior is the illuminated ceiling, which opens to the mirror. The latter visually expands the area, where we have the maximum quantity of functions on the minimum quantity of square meters. The ceiling is made of net with warm and cold diodes, mimicking the natural daylight effect. The net is covered with PVC canvas, and the precise contour is created with the black framing details. The ceiling level gets lower on either side of the lightbox — the ventilation and air conditioning system is hidden in this niche. Actually, the ventilation solution was one of the most challenging in the whole project. Still, we used the “thin gap” technique, and our engineers managed to efficiently set the indoor climate, considering all the limitations.   




The main wall is decorated with a natural stone — red travertine, which was frosted by hand to color pale pink. The edges were also treated by hand to create a natural-looking effect. This is not just an aesthetical, but also a functional solution, since the stone protects the wall from dirt in the bottom zone. The footrests are made from stainless steel and twisted straight into the travertine itself, on the previously installed pins.


The monolithic reception table is made of quartz stone. The reflection in the mirror creates an additional dimension of geometry and a T-shaped look of the table. The wardrobe and walls are painted the same color, so the space seems seamless.


The table top of the color bar is made of similar material as the reception table. The material of the furniture doesn’t absorb dyes and aggressive substances, while its colors support the toned-down color palette. The area of simultaneous service is separated by a sliding partition made of glass. The part of the glass is frosted, allowing for a sense of privacy during the beauty procedure. 




一體式的接待台也是由石英石製成。藉由鏡子的反射讓它擁有 T 形的外觀,看起來更加壯觀。櫥櫃和墻壁被漆成一樣的顏色,增加整體感。



Since the salon is located above the ground on the hill, our target was to develop a comfortable entrance with a staircase wide enough. Furthermore, a staircase should not disturb the movement of pedestrians. We came up with the idea of a staircase and awning with no visible fasteners. Our constructor developed the cantilever staircase and the platform, covered with travertine. 

理髮店坐落在山上,設計構想了一個有寬樓梯的舒適入口,樓梯要方便行人行走。 他們提出了沒有可見式零件的樓梯和遮陽篷的想法。施工人員於是做出了覆蓋著石灰華的懸掛樓梯和平頂。

Principal Architects:Rina Lovko, Daryna Shpuryk

Character of Space:Beauty Salon

Total area: 77 m²

Location:Kyiv, Ukraine

Photos:Yevhenii Avramenko
Text:Rina Lovko Studio

Collator:Yit-Ming Liang

主要建築師:麗娜洛夫科, 達瑞娜·什普瑞克


空間面積:77 平方公尺





Rina Lovko Studio
Rina Lovko 設計工作室是一家國際室內設計公司,於 2008 年在基輔成立。該團隊的投資組合包括數十個不同類型、區域和複雜程度的室內項目,從小型陳列室和住宅空間到大型商業、辦公和公共空間、HoReCa 設施和醫療設施。客製化設計工作室的標誌是優雅極簡主義風格的室內設計,結合了簡潔、自然和諧和功能性。控制的要點是對細節的特別關注。我們從事的每個專案都是建築師的能力、客戶的個性和空間本身的協同作用的產物。 Rina Lovko Studio 的所有項目均根據事先訂單專門創建,為未來的業主提供獨特的體驗和更好的生活品質。