Buffalo AKG Art Museum, New York, America

美國紐約 水牛城 AKG 美術館

OMA + 重松 象平

We often say that there are only two types of museums: a museum in the park, embedded in the tranquility of nature, and a museum in the city, implanted within the energy of urbanism. The Buffalo AKG Art Museum is both. It sits at the northern edge of the historic Delaware Park.


The museum itself has two connected historic buildings: a 1905 solid, neo-classical building by Edward B. Green originally planned for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition and a 1962 Modernist extension by Gordon Bunshaft that included a new auditorium box and an outdoor courtyard. Despite being in the park, the two buildings side-by-side severed views and access to it from the city, and even from inside the museum itself. Our ambition for the extension was not only to expand the complex to accommodate the museum's growing art collection and diversifying programs, but also to reconnect it to the park and city and establish a new openness to public activities. The 1905 and 1962 buildings command a clear separation, closed off from their surroundings. In contrast, the approach for the new pavilion is to unlock the full potential of being in the park.


OMA 建築師事務所認為博物館只有兩種類型,一種座落於公園,置身於寧靜的大自然之中;另一種則位於城市,充滿市區的活力氣息。然而,位於德拉瓦公園北邊的水牛城 AGK 美術館兼具前述兩種特色。


該博物館包含兩棟相連的歷史建築,一座是建結構堅固的新古典主義建築,於 1905 年由建築師愛德華.格林為了 1901 年的泛美博覽會所建;另一座則是同樣由建築師戈登.邦沙夫特於 1962 年設計的現代主義擴建項目,包含新禮堂和戶外庭院。儘管該案位於公園,兩棟並列的建築由裡到外皆享有城市景觀。對於此擴建工程,設計團隊不僅透過拓展建築空間,以容納博物館不斷增加的藝術品與多元項目,更致力於重新連結建築與公園、城市之間的關係,建立一個新的公共開放空間。基於既有建築與周圍環境有明顯區別,相比之下,新館創造了與公園綠意結合的新面貌。

We had been observing how museums are evolving to provide diverse avenues of public engagement through expanded gallery activities and non-exhibition programs. We felt that museums now need to strike the right balance between programmed and programmable space, and must find new relationships between them. Our response was to wrap the second-level gallery with a promenade, an unprogrammed space for various activities—from sculpture exhibitions and galas to educational programs and wellness classes. The promenade and stack of efficient galleries are enveloped by a transparent facade that achieves an open and ephemeral quality. This "veil"3 covers the promenade to form a double-height buffer zone between nature and art. The resulting winter garden simultaneously embeds visitors in the park and exposes the museum's activities to the campus and city.




Principal Architects:Cooper Robertson (Executive Architect).Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (Landscape Architect)

Structural Engineering:Arup

Contractor:Gilbane Building Company

Character of Space:Art Museum

Building Area:1,440 ㎡

Principal Materials:Glass.Vermont Danby Marble.Terrazzo

Principal Structure:Steel

Location:New York, America

Photos:Marco Cappelletti

Text:OMA+Shohei Shigematsu

Interview:Angel Chi


主要建築師:庫柏.羅伯森(執行建築師) 麥可.凡.瓦爾肯伯格建築事務所(景觀設計)




建築面積:1,440 平方公尺





文字:OMA+重松 象平


Office for Metropolitan Architecture,簡稱為OMA,是荷蘭建築師雷姆.庫哈斯在鹿特丹成立的。1975年創辦,創辦人除雷姆.庫哈斯外,還有 Elia Zenghelis 與 Madelon Vriesendorp 和 Zoe Zenghelis。
重松 象平