Exhibition Hall in the Attic of the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum, Olomouc, Czech Republic

捷克奧洛穆茨 總教區博物館展覽廳

The design of the exhibition hall in the attic of the chapter deanery follows up on the modifications from 1998‒2006, when the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum was created. When thinking through it, we asked ourselves the question of the degree of intervention in the existing attic. We did not find it appropriate to insulate the wooden structures, and for that reason we rejected the standard thermal insulation of the attic space. Our concept respects the preserved construction, which we leave in their original state, including the roofing. We will place a new concrete object with overhead lighting into the space, which has enough vertical walls for display. The object adopts the geometry of the sloping attic while maintaining its distance from all historical structures. It is something like a Matryoshka (Russian tea dolls), when a smaller house is put into a larger one.


奧洛穆茨大主教博物館是在 1998-2006 年期間改建的,而分院閣樓展廳的設計則是在此基礎上進行的。在設計時,我們考慮了對現有閣樓的干預程度問題,認為對木質結構進行隔熱處理並不合適,因此摒棄了對閣樓空間進行隔熱處理的標準。



We have designed the inserted structure as if it were placed in an outdoor setting. The only thing we did not have to deal with was waterproofing, as this issue is covered by the existing roof. All perimeter structures of the new structure meet the thermal and technical parameters. At the same time, it was possible to integrate all the technologies into them, like heating, air conditioning, cooling, or lighting. The attic space itself did without any new technologies or insulation.



The new structure corresponds to our time and the old retains its patina and atmosphere. In the attic, we will find a permanent exhibition mapping the history of St Wenceslas Hill from prehistoric times to the present day. For the exhibition, we designed metal pedestals for exhibits and stands for virtual walks on the hill. From the exhibition hall, thanks to the glass opening, you can see the upper part of the vault, which is an interesting document of the very diverse development of the chapter deanery. It is also possible to look through additional glazing into the remaining part of the attic, which is left in its current state and where some exhibits can also be on display. The space with the permanent exhibition is connected by an educational room with the facilities and storage.



Architects:Šépka architekti

Principal Architects:Jan Šépka.Jan Bárta.Marek Fischer

Structural Engineering:Šépka architekti

Character of Space:Exhibition Hall

Total Floor Area:152 m2

Principal Materials:concrete

Principal Structure:sheet metal

Location: Olomouc, Czech Republic

Photos:Aleš Jungmann

Text:Šépka architekti


主要建築師:揚.塞普卡 揚.巴爾塔 馬雷克.費舍爾

結構工程: Šépka architekti

空間性質: 展廳


主要材料: 水泥

主要結構: 鈑金

座落位置: 捷克 奧洛穆茨

影像: 艾爾斯.榮格曼

文字: Šépka architekti

整理: 王韻如