Threshold and Treasure|ATIPOGRAFIA Gallery in Arzignano, Italy

義大利 阿爾齊尼亞諾畫廊

AMAA Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development | AMAA 協同架構研發辦公室

'Threshold and Treasure' aims to pay tribute to the work of Mats Bergquist. It is precisely in the space of the threshold that the meaning of the entire project unfolds: thus, the entrance becomes both work of art and urban system.


設計團隊將該計畫稱作 Threshold(門檻)and Treasure(珍寶),旨在向瑞典藝術家 Mats Bergquist 的作品致敬。整個項目的意義,正是在一系列由門檻構成的空間中得以展開。因此作為起始點,建築入口既是藝術品,也是城市體系的一部分。

The path is designed with the aim of gently leading the visitor inside the exhibition area from the furthest side: the place unveils itself gradually, following a closed sequence of crossings, one threshold at a time. On the ground floor, one can rediscover the garden and its twisty path: also the exit is a discovery. At this point, there are some more details that can be perceived, such as the bench inviting the visitor to stay for a little longer and think about their experience.



This expedient focuses on the visual perception of the viewer, making the eye attentive to the layers and, at the same time, appeasing it, thanks to a background suitable for experiencing art pieces in an inevitable dialogue with the existing building. Precisely by the visible original wall, the presence of a third threshold can be perceived: the memory of what used to be a typography and, before that, a barn, leads to the discovery of a whole different spatiality, which is authentic since it has been freed from the additions of time. Here, in the background, is located a discrete volume of visible reinforced concrete. The longitudinal development of the great hall entirely opens up revealing an additional threshold: a glass and steel cage which expands the space unveiling the internal court, almost as if it was a treasure.



Design Team:Marcello Galiotto.Alessandra Rampazzo.Mario Azzarello
Structural Engineering:Claudio Lorenzetto
Contractor:Il Grifo S.r.l.
Character of Space:Gallery
Site Area:990 ㎡
Principal Structure:Concrete.Steel.Glass
Location:Arzignano, Italy
Photos:Simone Bossi
Text:AMAA. Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development 
Interview:Grace Hung

設計團隊:馬塞洛.加利奧托 亞歷山德拉.蘭帕佐 馬里奧.阿扎雷洛
施工單位:Il Grifo S.r.l.
基地面積:990 平方公尺
文字:AMAA. Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development 

AMAA Collaborative Architecture Office For Research And Development | AMAA 協同架構研發辦公室