Kulturbahnhof Aalen Cultural Center, Aalen, Germany

德國巴符邦 阿倫市車站文化中心

a+r Architekten GmbH

The new Kulturbahnhof Aalen brings together Aalen’s industrial history and twenty-first century architecture. With great sensitivity, the historical building fragments have been successfully integrated into present-day architecture. In the past, the area now known as Aalen’s Stadtoval was occupied, among other things, by railway tracks. As part of the inner-city expansion, the Kulturbahnhof takes a central position: the building, which now accommodates a cinema, a theatre, the music school, high-quality function halls for cultural events and premises for catering, is intended to have a radiant effect throughout the region. 

全新的阿倫市車站文化中心將在地的工業歷史與 21 世紀的建築風格融為一體。設計憑借極高的敏銳性,將歷史建築的碎片整合至當代建築中。現在被稱為阿倫 Stadtoval 的地區,曾經一度被鐵道佔據,但作為城市擴張計劃中的一部分,文化中心再次重現於該區的「舞台中央」。建築如今包括了一個電影院、一個劇場、音樂學校、高規格文化活動廳和餐飲場所,希望對整個區起到輻射效應。

After a fire in 2014, fragments of several historical groups of buildings with a distinctive sandstone façade and short cross gables could still be found on the site. The guiding idea behind the design was to carefully preserve this heritage and to further develop it into a forward-looking cultural centre for the 21st century. 

2014 年發生的一場火災吞噬了原有的建築,僅留下幾組獨特的砂岩外牆結構和矮十字山型牆等歷史建築碎片。設計旨在謹慎地保護這些建築遺跡,並進一步將其發展成為 21 世紀具有前瞻性的文化中心。

The extensively destroyed façade was replaced in a stylised manner using coloured fair-faced concrete — and where possible, the historical character was revived. The roofs of the short side gables were also rebuilt according to the historical design. The longitudinal gable, by contrast, followed a different concept: it was replaced by an elongated cuboid-shaped volume clad in folded perforated plate, thereby creating a spatial reference to the urban edges of the neighbouring area to the south. In contrast to the historical sandstone façade, which has an ornamental, handcrafted and massive appearance, the superimposed cuboid is simple and restrained. 


The historical façade provides the shell of a generous space. New boxes were placed inside this completely gutted space, zoning the interior for different uses. These boxes also support and brace the new load-bearing structure. The large halls and the public uses are house in the old building. The rooms of the music school and the theatre workshops are housed in the new volume, the cuboid. These rooms “serving” cultural production and education symbolically arch over the show stages for the culturally interested public. It was important to us to create an authentic and independent ambience for the different cultural venues with historical components such as materials, windows and a visible roof construction. 


According to the town of Aalen, the now shared building for the diverse cultural venues, which were previously spread across several locations, is expected to contribute to optimising resources, pooling synergies and ensuring cost savings in the long term. 



Principal Architects: Hellmut Schiefer 
Structural Engineering:Weischede.Hermann und Partner

Character of Space:inner-city

Client:Town of Aalen

Total Floor Area:720,495 m² 
Building Area:2,808 m²
Site Area:6,334 m²
Principal Materials:concrete
Principal Structure:set cubes from exposed concrete.roof structure: wooden structure supported with steel beams
Location:73431 Aalen, Germany
Photos:©Brigida González
Collator:Yit-Ming Liang.Yow-Shiuan Chen



結構工程:魏舍德 赫爾曼和夥伴



空間總面積:720,495 平方公尺
建築面積:2,808 平方公尺
基地面積:6,334 平方公尺

整理:梁煜鳴 陳祐萱

a+r Architekten GmbH
A+r Architekten代表著堅實、環保和面向未來的建築,在可持續建築領域擁有令人印象深刻的專業知識——在現有建築環境中也是如此。 該辦公室由Gerd Ackermann教授和Hellmut Raff教授於1985年成立,在斯圖加特和蒂賓根設有分支機構,擁有約130名員工,目前由奧利弗·布勞恩、弗洛裡安·格魯納、亞歷山大·蘭格和沃爾特·弗裡茨主管。a+r Architekten主要為公共客戶、工商、市政住房公司和社會機構建設。 該辦公室專注於適當、生態、功能以及由此產生的創新施工方法。 根據“只有作為一個團隊,我們才能應對未來的挑戰”的信念,a+r Generalplaner GmbH於2021年在Johannes Weiß的主管下成立。