The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

澳洲雪梨 新南威爾斯美術館


The Art Gallery of New South Wales sits on the gentle slope of Sydney's Domain parkland, a spectacular site adjacent to the Royal Botanic Garden overlooking Sydney Harbour.


The terrain of the site is diverse. There is a 20-metre rise from the harbour to Art Gallery Road, where the Art Gallery's front door is located. Adjacent is a land bridge that connects the Art Gallery to the Botanic Garden. At the lowest level of the site are two decommissioned oil tanks that were used during the Second World War. These tanks, roads, and the land-bridge shape the site and we can see Sydney's history of modernisation.


The new building is composed of a series of pavilions of various sizes and gallery volumes, which sit lightly across these elements. The low roofs step and shift gently along this topography to preserve existing significant trees, sight lines, and the contour of the site. Connecting the existing and new gallery buildings is a civic plaza – the Welcome Plaza – a shaded outdoor area connected to the Entrance Pavilion of the new building that acts as a shared space for the community. It is a large open plaza into which many activities can spill simultaneously. We envision a space where visitors and school groups can gather casually, meet new people and prepare for their visit to the Art Gallery. From inside the Entrance Pavilion, visitors can then see down into an atrium, glimpsing art, activities, and landscape beyond. Exhibition spaces are spread across the various levels of the building. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gallery is on the entrance level with a glazed wall facing the existing building and a window with a view of the harbour. At the lowest level, the southern oil tank has been preserved and adapted to house major art commissions and installations. Visitors are led slowly downward through the site, bringing them closer to the harbour.


由 SANAA 設計的新南威爾斯美術館,坐落在雪梨 Domain 公園一處壯闊緩坡之上,比鄰著俯瞰雪梨港的皇家植物園。


美術館的基地環境相當多變。首先,穿越一旁的高速公路,雪梨皇家植物園與它比鄰而居;而從雪梨港到新美術館,共有 20 公尺的上升空間,直通建築前門;基地最底層則有兩個歷經第二次世界大戰的退役油庫。上述這些元素,形塑出現在人們看到的雪梨。



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Three central roofs are accessible, creating linking terraces that feel like an extension of the paths from the Domain and the Botanic Garden, offering additional views across the precinct. Circulation both inside and out follows organic paths that resonate with the existing terrain and surroundings. By integrating art, the topography of the site, and the surrounding landscape, we hope to create an art museum experience that is distinctive to Sydney.



Principal Architects:Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA

Executive Architect:Architectus
Landscape Design:McGregor Coxall.Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (GGN) 

Structural Engineering:ARUP

Mechanical.Electrical:Steensen Varming

Facade Engineer:Surface Design

Contractor:Richard Crookes Constructions

Character of Space:Art Gallery

Principal Structure:Steel structures.Reinforced Concrete

Location:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 

Photos:Iwan Baan

Interview:Jason Chen



景觀設計:麥格雷·考索爾 古斯塔夫·森格思里·尼科爾 (GGN)


機械·電氣:Steensen Varming


立面工程:Surface Design

施工單位:Richard Crookes Constructions