Penthouse in Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain

西班牙阿利坎提省 白色海岸頂樓住宅

The focus of the project arises from a dual commitment: the will to give a technical answer to a specific context (program needs, budgets, policy, environment…) and the desire to seek beauty trough the built work. This process seeks satisfaction, understood in its fullest sense, of all those actively involved in its development: customers and users in particular, but also collaborators, builders and designers.



The project consists in the refurbishment of a penthouse located in the Costa Blanca of the Mediterranean Sea. The main floor, articulated in a single room, seeks continuity between the kitchen, the living room, the terrace and the landscape. On the upper floor, where the night area is located, the master bedroom opens out to the sea through a terrace and has a large dressing room that meets each one of the clients' preferences.


這個建築案的內容是翻新一間位於地中海白色海岸(Costa Blanca)的頂樓住宅。主樓層設計成單一的空間,為的是讓廚房、客廳、露台和景觀形成連續性的整體。在夜間區域所在的上層,主臥室透過露台迎向大海,房內設有一間寬敞的更衣室,可滿足每一位業主的喜好。

In order to delimit the spaces different elements are used. On the one hand, the staircase, made of white stone, conceived as a sculptural element that, together with the kitchen as furniture, allow the use of spaces. On the other hand, a black stone element includes the humid areas and serves to configure the space of the master bedroom. Boosting the views of the Bay of Altea becomes the last and most important element of this proposal.


屋內使用了各種不同的元素以區分空間。一方面可看見,彷彿雕塑品的樓梯由白色石材打造而成,並與廚房相連,以妥善利用空間;另一方面,黑色石材除含括潮濕區域外,也使用於主臥室內。而強化阿提亞灣(Bay of Altea)景色則是這個設計案最後也是最重要的內容。

Principal Architects:Fran Silvestre.Ricardo Candela
Interior Design:Alfaro Hofmann
Structural Engineering:ENE
Character of Space:Penthouse
Building Area:112,29 m2
Location:Alicante, Spain
Photos:Diego Opazo
Interview:Rowena Liu
Text:Fran Silvestre Arquitectos