Zaura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

印度阿默達巴德 Zaura精品零售空間

R+R Architects|R+R 建築事務所

R+R 建築事務所於阿默達巴德設計了一家令人驚嘆的珠寶精品店,靈感源於大自然。此專賣店位於單層面積達 1600 平方英尺的基地中,經過團隊的精心規劃,在店內劃分休息區和展示區,供顧客沉浸式體驗瀏覽。各個場域間以開放式佈局相連,營造出寬敞的空間體驗。專賣店的內部建築自石洞汲取靈感,採用極簡風格,雕刻般流暢的牆壁和策略照明營造出一個不凌亂、有機的仿生空間。牆壁上覆蓋著似石灰華的客製化紋理。店內的展示元素靈感則來自原始岩層,由金屬、玻璃纖維和玻璃訂製而成。為了打造紋理與質感的層次,休息區鋪設了柔軟的地毯、長毛絨軟墊和一面附有岩石細節的鏡子。自場域、家具至裝飾細節,本案各個元素都是由R+R Architects所操刀設計和實行。




R+R Architects has designed a stunning jewelry boutique with nature-inspired elements. The boutique is located on a single floor and spans 1600 sq. ft. It has been carefully planned to allow customers to navigate seamlessly, with a lounge area and show area divided within the store. These rooms are connected in an open layout, creating a spacious experience. The interior architecture of the boutique takes inspiration from stone caves, adopting a minimalist approach. Sculpted, fluid walls and strategic lighting are used to create a space that feels uncluttered and organic. The walls are covered with a bespoke texture that resembles travertine stone. The display elements in the boutique are inspired by raw rock formations and are custom-made from metal, fiberglass, and glass. To break up the textures, the lounge area features soft carpets, plush upholstery, and a mirror with rock details attached. Every aspect of the boutique, from the plinths to the furniture and décor, was designed and executed in-house.



 The bathroom in the store combines natural shapes, intricate stone, and soft lighting to enhance the materials and maintain the store's overall organic atmosphere. The goal was to design an interior that exceeds mere display purposes, instead, guiding customers on an immersive and ongoing experience.


主要建築師:拉梅什.洛哈爾 賓迪.沙阿






文字:R+R Architects



Principal ArchitectsRamesh LoharBindi Shah

Character of SpaceRetail

Building Area(㎡):1600

Principal MaterialsTravertine finish Wall Textures, Rocks are made for fiber reinforced plastic

LocationAhmedabad, India

PhotosIshi Sitawala

TextR+R Architects

CollatorAna Wang

R+R Architects|R+R 建築事務所
Creativity. Customer centric-ness. Contextual design. Collaboration. R+R Architects was founded on these four principles by Ar. Raghav Patel and Id Ramesh Lohar in 2016. Their shared ideologies, pursuit of excellence and admiration for restrained, clean-lined design and cubism, which served as a starting point to establish an independent practice, inform the design responses of the studio even today.