WKA Penthouse, Antwerp, Belgium

比利時安特衛普 WKA頂樓公寓

Bruno Dias Arquitectura

Despite perching 15 floors high, there is solid ground in this penthouse situated in a tower building conceived by Swiss architects Diener & Diener. With the entire 350 square meter flooring made from chunks of light brown local natural stone, the earth has been raised into the sky.


這間頂層公寓坐落於瑞士建築師 Diener & Diener 所設計的塔樓內,坐擁 15 層樓高,且地面堅固。全室 350 平方米的地板由大塊的淺棕色當地天然石材製成,大片落窗映襯,彷彿將天地合一

Upon opening the front door, one is met with an immediate panoramic view over the city of Antwerp, due to a sizable floor-to-ceiling window right opposite the door. Stepping inside the entrance only intensifies the sensory experience: except for the stone floor, the 25 square meter foyer is like a mirror box reflecting the city view endlessly. Distortion-free tempered mirrors and high-glossy painted surfaces are recurrent in the apartment which play with the feeling of space, reflection and perspective, on cupboards, sliding doors, room dividers – even on inside of the kitchen extractor hood.


前門入室,一扇巨大落窗以安特衛普的城市全景迎接。踏入入口,感官體驗更加強烈:除了石質地板外,25 平方公尺的門廳亦像一個鏡盒,反射著無盡的城市景觀,亦增加室內寬廣。鏡面和高光澤油漆表面在公寓中反覆出現,於櫥櫃、滑動門、房間隔間,甚至是廚房抽油煙機的內部,一同營造出空間感、反射及透視感。

Besides a few carrying internal walls, the floor planning and all the interior elements have been designed and made-to-measure. The apartment is intended to be both flexible and open, and for that reason there is free circulation throughout the whole space with no dead ends, just doors to divide and add privacy when needed.



Verticality has been used as an overall aesthetic theme in the detailing and features of the built-in and freestanding furniture. The bench in the foyer and the kitchen islands along with sanitary elements like sinks and the bathtub in the master bathroom are customised pieces carrying the same visual expression, all built by strips of locally produced Belgian terrazzo. Their features are repeated in the painted woodwork, creating a common language and underlining the verticality of the tower.





主要建築師:喬尼.紐文海森 布魯諾.斯帕斯

施工單位:MCM BouwCools Interior



影像:©Jeroen Verrecht

文字:Bruno Spaas Architectuur



Principal ArchitectsJoni NieuwenhuysenBruno Spaas

ContractorMCM BouwCools Interior

Character of SpaceResidence

LocationAntwerp, Belgium

Photos©Jeroen Verrecht

TextBruno Spaas Architectuur

CollatorAna Wang


Bruno Dias Arquitectura
Bruno Dias Arquitetura 是由 Bruno Lucas Dias 於 2012 年在 Ansião 創建的工作室。該結構需要不同專業人士(包括工程師、景觀設計師和設計師)的協作。它在住房、服務和設備等較小規模項目層面的干預措施獲得了自己的特色,其中每項幹預措施都基於適合每種情況的具體建議。在建築中,不僅僅是回應特定的程序或要求,從形式的角度來看,使用的動態以及與場所的互動對我們來說也很重要。
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