Casa Kwantes, Rotterdam, Netherlands

荷蘭鹿特丹 卡薩寬汀斯住宅


Casa Kwantes bases itself around the clients' desire for seclusion and privacy, whilst having a maximum of daylight and open living spaces. From the road, the bare brick wall offers only a partial glimpse into the property and family life through an opening of the white brickwork façade – a subtle indented entrance leading into an initially dark and enclosed entrance hall. In contrast, the reverse of the property completely opens up to the south with curved windows following the entire winding façade wrapped around a central olive tree. The 480 m² private home designed by MVRDV has a distinct night-daytime separation. It is located in the west of Rotterdam area on a corner plot of the site of an old hospital. On entering through a curved indent in an otherwise flat and mysterious façade with Celosia brickwork detail, visitors are led into the entrance hall. Stepping into the property, it suddenly opens into the well-lit living spaces of its curved and fluid interior. This continuous wall also serves as an entrance to the garage and staircase. The living room and library take up the rest of the space, wrapped around a curvaceous and carved out courtyard that frames the focal point of the house, the tree. The living room's backbone is a long fitted closet of wood hiding all domestic functions including the basement, entrance, guest bathroom, kitchen cabinets and pantry. The flooring from inside continues outside and essentially turns the courtyard into an extension of the house i.e. as an exterior room. There is a small basement for extra storage, and in addition, a sun trap patio at the bottom of the garden which provides an extra paved barbeque space for Dutch summer days.


卡薩寬汀斯住宅(Casa Kwantes)是基於客戶希望與外界隔離與保有隱私,同時又能兼顧最多日照和最大開放生活空間的需求設計而成。面道路側是一面裸磚牆,透過白色磚砌牆面上的開口,外界僅能隱約瞥見些許房屋的結構與住戶的生活。經由這個低調的內縮入口,住戶得以進入入口門廳。與開頭較幽暗而封閉的空間完全相反的是,通往房屋另一側後是朝南方敞開的開闊空間,弧形的玻璃窗沿著整片蜿蜒的牆面包圍著中央的橄欖樹。這棟由 MVRDV 設計的私人住宅,面積 480 平方公尺,座落於西鹿特丹(Rotterdam)地區一間舊醫院遺址的角落,擁有內外如天壤之別的設計。在整面平直而神祕,擁有雞冠花式砌磚裝飾的外牆中,尋找到唯一的弧形內縮入口,訪客得以通往入口門廳。踏入建築內部,光線充足的起居空間沿著蜿蜒流動的室內環境豁然在眼前展開來。這片連續外牆同時也是車庫和樓梯的入口,其餘位置則全由客廳和書房佔據了,所有空間圍繞著一個擁有弧形邊界的中庭而立,中庭則圍繞著房屋的焦點─一棵樹而立。客廳的骨幹是一個長型訂做木製櫥櫃,所有的居家功能,包括地下室、入口、客用衛浴、廚櫃和食品儲藏櫃等都隱藏在當中。室內地板持續延伸至室外,從本質上將中庭轉變為室內的延伸,換而言之,成為一個室外的房間。屋內有一個小型地下室以提供額外的儲物空間,此外,花園底部的天井擁有良好的採光功能,為住戶額外提供一個在荷蘭夏季燒烤派對的空間。

Design TeamWiny MaasJacob van Rijs

Nathalie de VriesFrans de Witte

Herman GaarmanArjen Ketting

Brygida Zawadzka

Structural EngineeringIMd, NL

Character of SpaceResidence

Building Area480 m²

LocationRotterdam, Netherlands

Photos© Ossip van Duivenbode

InterviewIW Editorial Dept.


CollatorIW Editorial Dept.



雅各布.凡.瑞傑斯 娜塔莉.德.弗里斯 

弗蘭斯.德.維特 赫爾曼.加曼 

阿亞.肯汀 布賴吉亞.扎瓦茲卡

結構工程:IMd, NL




影像:© 奧希普.萬.達文伯格



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