WK Residence, California, USA

美國加州 WK 住宅

Laney LA

This home is dedicated to the idea that beauty can be found in the artistic expression of hand-made processes. The project included rigorous material research and close partnership with local craftspeople in order to realize the final architecture. The timeless quality of this collaboration is most visible in the ribbon stair and the raked stucco walls on the exterior facade. Working hand in hand with local artisans, layers of wood and plaster were stapled, raked, sanded, bent, and laminated in order to realize the curve of the stair and the precise lines of the facade.



In contrast to the manipulation of materials, a garden courtyard and spa add an intimate experience of nature within the heart of the home. The concealed space is a case study in contrast from the lush vegetation against the stark steel, to the shallow hot plunge and six-foot deep cold plunge. The result is a home that elevates the integrity of local craft and the refreshment of nature’s touch to augment a lifestyle dedicated to health, artistry, and authenticity.



Principal Architects:Anthony Laney

Structural Engineering:Riverstone Engineering

Contractor:Krikorian Construction

Character of Space:Warm contemporary

Age of the Client: Between early to mid 40’s

Each Floor Area:First floor: 178 ㎡; Second floor: 146 ㎡; Third floor: 126 ㎡

Total Floor Area:450 ㎡

Building Area:178 ㎡

Site Area:251 ㎡

Principal Materials:Concrete, Wood, Plaster

Principal Structure:Steel, Concrete, Wood frame

Location:Manhattan Beach, California, USA


Photos:Eric Staudenmaier

Collator:Yow-Shiuan Chen


結構工程:Riverstone Engineering

施工單位:Krikorian Construction


客戶年齡:40 歲初

各階面積:一樓 178 平方公尺.二樓 146 平方公尺.三樓 126 平方公尺

總樓地板面積:450 平方公尺

建築面積:178 平方公尺

佔地面積:251 平方公尺




工程造價:300 至 400 萬美金



Laney LA
Laney LA 是一家屢獲殊榮的建築和設計工作室,堅信偉大的建築可以激發人類最好的一面——感動那些體驗它的人,塑造社區,並影響我們管理環境的方式。該工作室總部位於洛杉磯,專注於美國西海岸和山脈的住宅項目。